No one likes change. It's scary and we all hate to fail. Yet the SUCCESS you want is reliant on all those fails! 

We ever know what we actually want when we decide to lose weight or start getting fitter. We know we aren't happy with how we look, we don't look how we feel everyday, clothes get tighter, we start to have more bad days and hate seeing what's in the mirror.

When I started in 2012 I just didn't want to be getting drunk at the weekends and during 'free evenings' so I joined a gym. I definitely knew I didn't want a bigger bum or bigger legs! It was a healthy distraction with a good pay-off.

NOW I want bigger everything!! Legs, Booty, Boobs......some things we just won't ever get.

The process to get there isn't as exciting as the results but it's amazing to see the benefits of your daily commitment to getting those results and accepting you will probably always be chasing changes.

Before 2012 I never exercised, I love food, I LOVE to go out and dance and have always been chasing my kids around, so have always been pretty active but sometimes I would forget to eat in the day and only eat one meal when they all went to bed.


My weight has fluctuated over the years and the photo in this blog shows a little of that. In 2007 I had gained weight and felt fat, sluggish and always tired and hated how I looked in everything (my hair didn't help either LOL!) I was weighing 12 stone and wearing a UK size 14. I lost weight after having my son Cody in 2008 and was underweight at 8 stone 6lb a UK size 6/8. Right now I am a super sexy strong as fuck badass 11 stone 4lb UK Size 10 with an ass that makes me smile everyday...the hair helps with that too 😉

A lot had changed for me at the end of 2011 and I needed something better to do on the weekends I didn't have my children with me. The Training Shed in Daventry opened in summer of 2012, and it really was a choice between remaining in self destruction mode or putting my energy, attention and spare time into something better so I signed up for membership and remained there until summer of 2016.

That was one of the best decisions of my life and led to a whole lot of change. I was the typical female joining a gym, wanted to get fitter but didn't want to get bigger legs or bum and I knew from my school years doing athletics I would get some big legs (but was hoping I wouldn't) after a few months playing around in the gym and doing BoxFit classes I started to get some muscle and shape that I loved. I then decided I wanted to look like Jessica Ennis and asked a PT to write me a programme, the most important advice I was given was to get the results I wanted I had to eat more and increase my protein intake!

Away I went and BOOM!! About 6 months later I was rocking a booty that had jaws dropping, literally! I have stuck at it ever since, training heavy, loads of volume and eating to help my muscles grow and stay with me until this day.

I became more inquisitive about bodybuilding so went away to learn more from icons in the industry and I learned so much I started to help colleagues and friends. After a lot of positive encouragement from people very close to me I took the jump to become a PT myself and well, that leads us to the present day.

A whole new career, a whole lot of life changes and a chance to help even more people make changes to themselves.

I haven't been training daily or consistently since the latter part of 2016 as life happens and other priorities and commitments took over, time was hard to find but when you really want something you make it happen, it really is as easy as that.

I don't care what excuse you want to give it's bullshit! I am living proof of that, I have seen other people prove you can't give a reason to not make a change in your life, no matter what it is.

Anything is possible! You just have to want it bad enough and not let anything or anyone stand in your way or drag you down.

So, here's to change. Wanting it and making it happen.

Find that time for you and that doesn't mean spending hours in the gym! You can be in and out in 30 minutes if you find a clever PT and get your workouts programmed right.

So here's to my Big Hair, Big Booty, Bigger everything!

There are no limitations