"Have done my first class with Deena, really enjoyed it and can feel how much it has worked my body. Friendly and loads of advice.."

Lily. K

"Very knowledgable and helpful. Anyone looking for someone who genuinely wants to give her all to people and wants you to get the results you want, then Deena is the best there is. She always offers the best advice and always offers excellent knowledge to help you get the goals you want. She then always follows up with how your getting on and you can see how much passion she has to help everyone reach their desired goal. Couldn't recommend enough!!"

Billy. M

"Deena is the most knowledgeable and encouraging coach in Daventry! Always there to help you achieve your goals and puts in the work to make sure you do your best - I have been training with Deena for nearly 2 years now and have loved every minute of it, never looking back! Awesome trainer. You'd be silly to miss out"

Jaime-Leigh. G

"Can't fault anything about the training and nutrition advice. Really listens to your concerns and takes into consideration existing injuries etc. Doesn't hurt that you have a laugh while sweating like a mad thing too.  Highly recommended.."

Sarah. C

"I have been working with Deena for a while and the changes have been amazing.
My physical appearance has changed through eating and training programmes made by Deena. Not only has my physical fitness changed and improved so has my self confidence. I can not recommend any more highly. Deena is also great at listening to what I want and will always challenge me."

Lou T

"Deena did an exclusive pre season rugby plan for me and my rugby team that was absolutely fantastic, and got us all set up for the season. I am currently 5 weeks into a rehabilitation programme with Deena now, due to tearing my Mcl and dislocating my knee. She has kept it fun and accommodated to me perfectly and I am currently able to weigh bare pretty well. To help ensure I am not gaining unnecessary weight, she has put me together other programmes to keep up with cardio, strength and flexibility. I would fully recommended Deena and her commitment to her work to everyone."

Nick. B

"I had 12 weeks of PT with Deena on a one to one basis and I can honestly say it was one of the best training experiences I've had. I have always exercised but Deena listened to the goals I wanted to achieve and tailored my sessions around this, she gave me a whole new way of understanding and getting the most out of my body. I finally can say that I can climb a rope, something I've never been able to do in 40 years and without Deena's help and guidance I would never have achieved this. She encourages you throughout the whole process and never lets you give up. I would highly recommend her to anyone x"

Samantha. B

"I signed up to Deena's 16 week challenge and am 7 weeks in. The support from Deena both in the gym and with online resources is second to none. There's no 'typical gym atmosphere' where you are made to feel inferior or embarrassed, if you're doing something that's not quite there people chip in and give you advice. Super friendly and highly recommended."

Mandy. M