My name is Deena but those who know me call me Dee and I like it.

I am 40 years old but feel 20 years younger....just don't look it lol, I am loud and described as being 'extra' in person yet I really enjoy having time alone to sit in total silence. My brain welcomes the reset to get back to doing what I love most.

I am a mum to 4 children aged 20, 17, 13 and 10, I have a Dogue called Bruce who is 3 and I get really excited about helping people get rid of pain, move better and transform their body and mind forever.

I qualified as a PT in August 2015 and opened my gym on 1st December 2016, previous to this I worked in admin and finance for 16 years. I took a BIG jump into something new and I have never looked back.

I wasn't a fan of exercise but I was inspired by a friend, her body made me want to improve my own, she introduced me to some Les Mills classes, Body Combat and Body Attack, in 2004 which were held at a local Leisure Centre and I stuck with it for a short while but found it really clicky! The women were really bitchy and I just felt really uncomfortable, so I quit. 

Let's fast forward 7 years...and give you a little insight into me. I haven't had great success in my relalationships yet I have learned I am someone who likes to 'fix' other people. I see the best in others and their potential is what would make me ignore those 'red flags' in my intimate relationships. I have been physically and emotionally abused yet would believe the words they said and today I realise it's because I had zero self worth. I wanted to be loved, I was scared to be alone and did whatever it took to make them happy...that often meant not speaking up or setting myself boundaries.

It takes a lot of time and is hard work to sit with yourself and reflect on past behaviours, I wouldn't change anything because ultimately it has led me to where I am today and being in a fortunate position to help others create and live the life they want. 

It's easy to foget about yourself as you spend time and energy taking care of everyone else around you yet self care and self love is the best thing you can do for yourself and it's important to meet your own needs first.

So, after 5 years of having my self worth being chipped away and having suicidal thoughts I decided I had to walk away from the father of my youngest children. I had a court battle to get my youngest boys returned home, I was homeless with no belongings, no clothes and there was 3 of us living at my sisters 2 bedroom home.

There was only one choice for me and that was to begin building our 'home' again and creating my 'new' life. 

I would spend my 'free' weekends going out, getting drunk, dancing to escape my mind and just feeling very lost and sorry for myself. 

I didn't know who I was. 

I didn't feel loved or wanted by anyone, I had no idea what I actually wanted in my life and was fed up of suffering from constant heartbreak and seeking validation from people who really didn't give a shit about me. 

A new gym called the Training Shed opened in July 2012 in my home Town, Daventry. I signed up as soon as it opened so I had something positive to focus my energy and time on. 

This was a decision that saved my life!  

I started doing a few classes and remember telling one of the coaches that I didn't want to get big legs or a big bum or have big muscles, a pretty standard response from all women. 

Anyway, after a couple of years training I had literally transformed my whole self, not just my body! 

Exercise gave me such a great feeling, a sense of purpose, a place to escape to and a way to deal with some very mixed emotions.

Some of the people who worked their knocked my confidence but it didn't matter! 

I had a focus, for me! I really got into the bodybuilding style of training and I would spend hours watching YouTube videos, reading T-nation articles and following all the great bodybuilders from the 70's and 80's. 

I was obsessed with Ben Pakulski and Tom Platz and their training styles got me hooked! Maybe it was just the pain I was able to channel out of my body but, it made me want more for myself! 

I asked a Coach who worked there how I could 'feel' it better in my muscles and was told that what I was doing was working so just keep doing it.

To me, his answer totally missed the point of being a Coach or PT, I was hungry for knowledge and was asking the questions to improve myself. 

I remember having to take my boys with me one day (no childcare) and they had asked if this is where I do bodybuilding and the owner of the gym heard and turned around to me and my boys and said I wasn't a bodybuilder... I thought FCK YOU!! 

This was the turning point for me these two things really pissed me off and made me feel like crap! 

So what if I didn't want to step onto a stage in a bikini and flash my waxed vagina in someone's face?! 

I had still worked bloody hard to transform my body! I was unrecognisable and that negativity just wasn't welcome in my life.

I wanted more! 

I wanted bigger legs and a bigger booty. Things had definitely changed from the person who first stepped inside that gym lol!

Anyway, in 2014, after training for 2 solid years and loving how it made me feel and look, I decided I wanted to help other people do the same and began my studies to be a personal trainer.  

So I studied hard, continued to learn and absorb as much as possible and qualified as a PT in August 2015. My first male PT client and my sister were my biggest support and thanks to their belief in me, I had the finance to open Imperial Bodies Gym.  

My whole business is founded through my passion to help as many people as possible train and live the best way they can, for themselves!

I have stuck to my vision, I continue to allow my passion to lead the way to advance and grow. 

I have still had to deal with a lot of struggles, negativity, criticism, fallouts with family, lost some friends yet I have gained so much more! 

I have a team of amazing people helping me run Imperial Bodies Gym and we grow together to make sure we continue to give people what they really need.

I have the best members and clients who will be there to support everyone, they each wanted the same safe space to thrive and grow without judgement or negativity that I did.

Fitness saved my life and it has helped me become the person I am today, I am stronger for every struggle I have ever endured and I have only just begun this journey! 

Best of all, if I can do all this then I know you can too!  

D60 was born out of a desire to help others transform their lives too.

Imperial Bodies was the name created in 2015 when I became a PT. You are in control of your life, your future, the choices and decisions you make. the word Imperial embodies this for me and so it was the perfect choice for my PT brand name.

This then became a physical place others could go to train, this became my gym. A safe space where you are made to feel welcomed and supported to achieve your goals no matter what they were or the level of experience you had.

#builtbydeena was a tag given by my first male client after he got some awesome results (he became an investor in my gym too!) in his words he was built by Deena. This refelcted the principles I apply to helping people transform their bodies and getting results they had struggled to achieve previously.

My mission is to help you train better, to help you understand why you perform certain movements and educate you on how to perform them better. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, I aim to help you feel better than ever!

As I wanted to rebrand this journey and represent all that I do, I chose D60. 

 To change anything in your life you need to turn your life, fitness and mindset around, 360 degrees! D60 Coaching is what helps you do this.

It's more than just training and nutrition created for you, it's identifying where your struggles are and helping you implement new skills to achieve success forever.

My Mission

My aim is to help you discover what you truly want. 

I take into consideration your full dieting and training history, previous injuries, surgeries and pregnancies, we explore your goals, talk about your social life, daily responsibilities and schedule so that together we can help you develop the consistency that will help you get the results you want and have a body that moves and feels great. 



My focus is always on you, every time we work together you will get exactly what you need to make progress and achieve the results you want. 

I ensure your body works the best it can to keep you safe and ready to do anything! 

When you're ready to start making the changes needed then I'm ready to help you.