D60 was born out of a desire to help others train better and have the help to get it right from the start.

Imperial Bodies was the name born in 2016 when I became a PT. This grew into a place others could go to train, my gym. #builtbydeena was a result of my first male client getting some awesome results and became an investor in my dream. 

My mission is to help you train better, to help you understand why we perform certain movements and educate you on how to perform it better, for YOU! 

Together these names have created D60 because I know you need to turn your approach to life, fitness and your mindset around (a 360) and I do this by giving you results focused training and nutrition designed just for you. 

Welcome to D60, this is a little about me.

I am 39 (40 this year) I consider myself to be a quiet person and I actually do enjoy being alone but, the other side of me is hyperactive, loud, extra and as my partner and kids say, weird lol. I am a mum to 4 children aged 19, 17, 12 and 10. 

I worked in admin and finance for 16 years! I didn't even do much exercise but remember being inspired by a neighbour who became a friend and she introduced me to some Les Mills classes in 2004. I did a few but found them to be really clicky aka bitchy and really felt uncomfortable, so I didn't stick to it for very long. 

A few years later, In December 2011, after being in an emotionally abusive relationship, I left and was officially homeless. I had to start building our 'home' again with two young boys (my eldest two lived with their dad until 2017) I had zero belongings or furniture. 

I spent my 'free' weekends going out, drinking, dancing and feeling very lost. I didn't know who I was, what I wanted in life and was fed up of constant heartbreak and seeking validation from people who didn't give a shit about me. 6 months later a new gym opened in Daventry, Training Shed, and this truly saved my life! I made the decision to join so I could stop being self destructive and do something productive. 

I started with a few classes and remember telling one of the coaches that I didn't want big legs or bum, pretty standard response from all women, scared to build muscle. Anyway, a few years later I literally transformed myself, physically and mentally. Exercise gave me such a great feeling, a sense of purpose albeit some of the people who worked their knocked my confidence. It's so easy how that can happen. I was really into body building at that point, I was watching youtube videos and following all the greats from 70's and 80's and fell in love with Ben Pakulski and Tom Platz and their training styles and I asked one coach how I could 'feel' it better to be told from them that it's working so just keep moving.

To me, he totally missed the point of being a coach or PT, and when the owner told me I wasn't a body builder I thought FUCK YOU! I went away thinking watch me! And well let's say my body changed so much through my own learning and hard work I was pretty much unrecognisable. 

I wanted bigger legs and a bigger booty. How things had changed from the person who first stepped inside that gym!

So, in 2014, after training for 2 years and loving how it made me feel and look, decided I wanted to help people do the same and began my studies to be a personal trainer.  

I qualified as a PT in August 2015 and in early 2016 I planned to open my own place, I even spoke to the owners of the gym that helped save me and they didn't think I was serious lol, that place no longer exists.  

I was so lucky to finally open my own gym on 1 December 2016. My whole business is founded through my passion to help as many people as possible train and live the best way they can. 

I have stuck to my vision, I have continued to allow my passion to lead the way to advance and grow. I have a team of great people behind Imperial Bodies and most importantly, a group of members who are there for everyone and want the same space to thrive and grow that I did.

It's not all rainbows though, I lost people I considered friends and family who I thought would share this vision with me for a long time, that shit hurts deep but people have choices and we must always respect that.

Fitness literally saved me and helped me become who I am today, along with all the struggles I have endured since! 

Best thing is, I know it can save you too!  

My Mission

My aim is to help you discover what you truly want. Together we develop a training and nutrition plan that will help you get the results you want. 

I will take into account your full dieting and training history, any previous injuries, surgeries and pregnancies, we explore your goals, talk about your social life, daily responsibilities and schedule so that together we can help you develop the consistency that will help you get the results you want and have a body that moves and feels great. 



My focus is always on you, every time we work together you will get exactly what you need to make progress and achieve the results you want. I ensure your body works the best it can to keep you safe, mobile and ready for anything! 

When you're prepared to start making the changes needed to achieve your health and fitness goals then I'm ready to help you.