Women's Lifting 101⁠
Date: Sunday 1st March 2020
Time: 10am til 2pm
Place: Imperial Bodies Gym, 28 High March, Daventry, NN11 4HB
Price: £60 (50% will be donated to Abbie's Scoliosis Journey)

Booking: Text 07398926433 to confirmation your space


What it's all about and how it will help you

This will be a 4 hour workshop to help you discover how to move your body, the best way for you to lift and move in a safe way that will help you progress over time.
I will explain how you can work your body to achieve the changes you want and why it's super important to build a strong foundation for every movement so you can live a better life that can be pain free

Your body is an incredible thing and has the potential to do so much.
When we exercise it truly can change your whole day and how you think and feel.

The barbell is an amazing tool when used effectively and it can do much more than shape your body and build muscles 💪🏻

Working on your body helps build confidence and can change your outlook on life ❤️

Until I started exercising in 2012 I had no idea the person it would help me become, the experiences it would give me and the people it would introduce me too
I never wanted big legs or bum (it's now all I train for!) and I would never have thought I would become so passionate about weightlifting and learning how to help other people turn their life around

I even got a tattoo of the gym that helped me become who I am because it saved me from making choices that would have been self destructive and literally helped find the person I am today.

It's not easy and I won't pretend it sometimes takes a lot of determination to get to the gym or do some exercise when I just want to feel sorry for myself.

And I want to share all I know with you!

I want to help you have confidence with movement.
I want to teach you how to create tension and stability to keep yourself safe with the barbell.
I want you to leave my little workshop full of confidence and motivation to put into practice all you have learned.

LADIES 🙅🏻‍♀️ Join me for my Women's Lifting 101 workshop