Your Enemy


Whilst I was onboarding a new online client yesterday and like most of us, she isn't happy with her current situation and knows exactly where she wants to be. ⁣⁣

She had been unable to connect the dots and as we were exploring what what was holding her back she discovered that is was just "herself". ⁣⁣

She admitted she would always look for a way out of doing something. She would blame it on feeling tired after work, too stressed to eat well, her partner, the kids, she had an excuse for just not doing what she knew she should.⁣⁣

This is something I often hear during consultations. We are the only person that can hold ourselves back.We will always find some excuse if we want to. ⁣I explained that with my service I try and make it super easy for you to just get things done, I don't want you to second guess anything so I make sure it's exactly what you need and you can find zero excuses not to get started!⁣I provide accountability via weekly check ins and an interactive app that provides you with continuous support in between.

I want you to achieve your goals otherwise you are just wasting my time and yours.⁣

Those that are successful are those that turn up every day and get shit done regardless of what is happening around them.

They value themselves and what they want to achieve and the person they want to be.It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, I listen to what is happening in your life and we create a plan that fits in best for you.Together we make it work and we speak to each other so you never feel stuck.

If I'm aware of what your situation is we can find solutions that help you stay focused. ⁣⁣⁣Lockdown will be over soon and things will resume some kind of 'normality' there's a lot that you can achieve if you commit and get a head start on your goals.⁣

We all need to just get out of our own heads, things don't need to be perfect you just got to start.⁣

Stop being your own enemy and start cheerign for yourself!