As a mum of 4, partner, personal trainer, gym owner my time is stretched to it's limits!

I love training, my passion is bodybuilding and I enjoy competing in CrossFit. Unfortunately I get very little time to give to myself in between all the above that I care about.

I value and love my family and partner, I am passionate about helping my PT clients reach their goals and I absolutely love my gym and helping everyone that steps through my doors but, I forget about me a lot, and that will change as I MADE A PLAN to include me.

I see many others who are in the same situation, I have seen it destroy relationships and watch it create tension and resentment in families.

You MUST include those in your life, that means discussing and agreeing with them times you need to achieve what you want (those without families and partners can continue doing as you please but one day this will affect you too) If you don't consider those in your life you risk losing them eventually. You may not think it now but if you continue to put your training, hobbies and work first and leave your partner to do what really matters they will start resent you, it will cause arguments and potentially be the end of everything you believe right now you are doing this for.

Those you love want the exact thing you are giving to everything else, time, with you and a little for themselves to do something they enjoy and gives them an identity.

Training is great and I recommend everyone do something to keep their bodies active and moving well. Doing this without making a progressive plan to reach your goals is crazy. Working pays the bills and feeds your families but putting all your hours into something that doesn't pay you for all that extra time is crazy! if it makes you miserable and stressed everyday it's even more ludicrous!

As a Coach and Gym owner I am seeing more and more people just 'wing' it, no periodised plan to support their training and help them 'change' more importantly they are forgetting a very important part of training, REST! Only two things will come from this, shitty results and injury.

Training everyday and just doing what you feel like or trying to max out lifts every session is stupid and I hope after reading this you consider the time you are giving to your training, asking yourself what and how it is going to help you achieve your goals and why you are training at all.

If you need help go and get it! Don't sacrifice your loved ones and body for wasted time!