I am sure you all feel the same, constantly rushing around, never enough hours in the day, getting angry at the most tedious things, feeling exhausted every single day until you finally flip your shit!

I know I'm not alone with this as I speak to people everyday and yet we never stop to do something different.

Back in July I'd had enough, my body decided to 'shut me down', I had had the most beautiful (sarcasm) cold sore in my nostrils, my glands were so tender my neck hurt, hay-fever was also the worst I have suffered over the last 5 years and just to top it off my sinuses were so bad I felt sick!

I took a week off work, well a week away from doing my classes, to allow my body to chill a little. Yet I still had mummy duties and that is the job I wanted a break from the most!

My kids were constantly arguing for no reason than to just annoy each other, they would moan if I asked them to help tidy up the house or put their rubbish in the bin, even playing with the dog was too much to ask for. I would get home from work and MOAN LIKE FUCK because they have been too damn lazy to HELP! It shouldn't have to take us 'blowing up' for someone to take notice.

I decided not to shout. I decided not to argue when they refused to do what I asked. I would let them sort out their own arguments. I let them keep the mess in their bedroom and let the clothes pile up.

We are good at creating our own storms, instead of sitting back and letting things go we engage and 'stir things up'. Trying to do everything in one moment rather than just letting some things just be.

I don't clean everyday

I don't panic about what's for dinner

I refuse to stress about things that happen unexpectedly

I won't allow my days to be determined by a tight schedule

I have lots to do every single day, my 'to do' list gets bigger every time I finish something. I go home to the same children who are discovering themselves and learning responsibility.

If I want to sit on my phone to scroll through articles and catch up with the world I will

If a member wants to chat to me whilst I'm sat at work we will talk

If I don't feel like cooking, I won't

When I want to sit on the sofa and eat crisps and drink wine, I DO IT!

Life is more enjoyable when we learn to just go with the flow.