Today's world is obsessed with hiding their true selves. Every snap, insta post and Facebook story is filtered beyond reality, when you meet them they don't even recognise you.

"she looks nothing like her photos"

"OMG, look at her cellulite"

"my thighs are huge"

"I would if my bum looked like yours"

"My stomach is so fat"

Never happy. You lie to yourself with every photo shared and when faced with 'reality' be it your bathroom mirror, the gym mirror, shop lighting, you think of nothing but how to change your face, you stare and pick your body parts apart, you disgust yourself, questioning how you can look as fresh as your fave filter.

Why be so mean to yourself?

Your children see this. Your partner is sick of hearing this.

They hear when you say you hate how you look in that photo and demand another to be taken before it can be posted.....because everyone cares right!?

Your impression will be left. They will become you. Your partner will have to give you endless reassurance that will never satisfy you.

Do you not care? Do you not love all your body has gone through? Is it so hard to appreciate that every body has stretch marks, dimples, pimples, scars, moles, hairs, we ALL look different.

Yet this is just your shell. This is not WHO you are and neither does it represent all you go through.

Live your life! You need to appreciate yourself to be able to support those who look up to you. Inspire other women close to you to embrace the skin they're in.

STOP wasting money trying to create a filtered version that you will never be truly happy with. STOP pushing your negativity onto your daughter and her friends. STOP making your partner put up with your constant demands to take endless photos until you're happy.



BE YOU, the unfiltered version so all can live free.

And most importantly, speak kindly about yourself to yourself. Ditch the filters and be proud of all you are and can do, then you will see your confidence explode!