Diets and exercise work! You just need to find what suits you best. 

It's not about what others are doing and it's definitely not the diet you keep going back to or the exercise routine that keeps getting you hurt! 

Every possible diet and exercise programme you can think of works. It's just got to be right for you! 

You do not move like everyone else. 

Your body is not the same as everyone else. 

You are unique and when I work with you I teach you how to use your body to get the changes you want.

I know you're fed up of losing weight and putting it all back on, I know you hate the way you look and have zero motivation to do anything at all because life sucks right now with all the changes that have occurred quickly. 

One thing is for certain, YOU can change a lot! 

Maybe not this lockdown but, you can change the choices you make and re-write your habits. 

We can work together to help you love yourself again and start enjoying food the way you should. 

I don't want you to be miserable every single day. 

You want to be happy, you want to look at yourself and feel confident and comfortable with your body. 

You can lose weight and keep it off. I believe you can!

In just 90 minutes I can help you start taking action NOW!



When looking to transform your life you need to be aware that it begins with what you say, your thoughts, your beliefs, the habits you have developed which has all led to the choices you currently make.

Transforming how you look, through weight loss or exercise, will only be successful if you acknowledge why and how you got to this point. 

My D60 Method considers everything about you! I find what works for you and together we focus on transforming your mind, body and life!


Everyone has been so hyper focused on the latest fad diets and most popular exercise routine on their social media feeds that you have forgotten to discover what you enjoy most and doing what fits in with your lifestyle and helps you re-write the habits and change the behaviours that have led you to always stay where you are.

Now I don't promise to completely change your life but, I do promise you will start to think differently about everything you choose to do and start to consider what is best for you.

Movement is a way of living, it is what we were designed to do, we were created to be curious and discover through touch, smell, movement and PLAY!

Why limit yourself to one way of exercise or eating?

You are free to explore and should keep doing so until you are no longer walking this earth. 

From our first call together I focus on understanding who you were, why you became stuck where you are and allow you to explore how to move yourself forward and get closer to your ultimate goals.

It truly can be life changing.