We work together to totally transform your life! 

You learn whilst training and begin to love it!

Transforming your body and mind together so you can start to appreciate all that you are and can achieve, every single day.



When you work with me I consider what your life is like 24/7. 

This includes your job, home life, time available for you, your goals, even your opinions about yourself. 

This is all about you and I want to help you feel good about yourself.

It's really important to me that the time we have catching up on your progress and working together online, that it's focused on everything that is happening to you so you not only achieve your goals but transform your body and mind. 

I will hold you accountable whilst also helping you understand more about nutrition, movement and empower you to realise you are capable of anything you want to achieve!

I am not here to just work you hard, I am here to change your way of thinking and your body moving for a long time! 


Everyone looks for images of success, and I have over 40 clients who all stood in their underwear and sent me their snaps.

Fatloss is the most wanted result and my clients had great success.

My clients committed to these results and invested in themselves to make it happen.

They were ready to change how they lived their lives and not make any more excuses.


For you to get results you must be ready to do what it takes to get the changes you want.

I expect consistent efforts and will check in with you daily to help you succeed. 

From fat loss to changing how you look all requires you to do the work!

Are you ready to commit to a minimum of 3 days a week to get results?


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"I went to Deena about 14 weeks ago, I needed some guidance, support and accountability around weight loss. I can honestly say that as soon as I met Deena I knew that she was the one to support me to start a much healthier and active life change. We set goals at the beginning of my 12 week plan, I went to 4 or 5 classes a week at Imperial Bodies and made choices around what I consumed. Weekly check-ins were important to go over my week to see if any adjustments were needed. I have exceeded the goal set and I know this was done because of Deena, her knowledge, encouragement and support has been pivotal in me breaking bad habits, staying consistent and taking control. Deena's passion in helping people reach their goals is clear for all to see.."


"I Started with Deena overweight and 40 years old new to the world of fitness and she made me feel at ease from the first minute. She talked to me to put together a plan and I've received motivation encouragement and advice every step of the way I've now exceeded those goals and we are working on my new one's, she's an incredible coach and I wouldn't trade her for anything, I strongly recommend Deena. From a much fitter healthier and happier 41 year old"


"I've just finished Deena's 12 week Strong and Lean programme which I joined primarily for the PT training and weekly check ins. This group has given me some structure and accountability which was needed! Thanks to Deena's encouragement and advice, making better choices regarding food (whilst not banning any particular foods, just everything in moderation) and regular exercise (just a couple of times a week, nothing too outlandish) has given me results on the scales as well as inches lost. I got a lot out of this, so much so I'm carrying on for another 12 weeks! Thanks Deena, looking forward to seeing what the next 12 weeks bring"

Laura. R

"Deena is absolutely amazing!! She has completely transformed my body, so much support & is always on hand if you need any help. I used to hate exercise until I started with Deena. You are stuck with me now."

Laura. S