Daventry based Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist & Behaviour Change Coach focused on helping you transform your life.



Fat loss is more than what you eat or how much, it's a mission if you have been struggling for years with your weight. 

I transform your body by changing how you think. 

I work with you to identify any sabotaging behaviours and thoughts to help you eliminate them and achieving the results you want.

I want to inspire you to be your healthiest, sexiest self so you start to appreciate who you are right now and what you can achieve.

My goal is to help you feel motivated so you will take action.

I make everything easy so you feel less stressed and lose the weight and achieve the  lasting success you want the most.


If you want to transform your body, shed the fat and live a healthier more active life then I want to help you.  

You need to know that it's going to be hard work and I will only work with clients who are prepared to do what it takes to improve their body and life. 

I want to know about your job, home life, I need to know how much time you are able to give to yourself, all of your goals, what you think about yourself, all the struggles you have, I want to know it all so I can give you the best service and help you get the results you want. 


I want you to feel good about yourself when you look at your body and believe more than ever that you do have complete control over your life!




Everyone looks for photos, of other people's success. 

As a Coach I have over 3000 hours experience of working with people. As a gym owner and PT I have worked with over 100 people to help them feel more confident about themselves. 

Getting my clients to stand in their underwear wasn't a goal and it shouldn't be what you focus on.

The biggest transformation for every client was how they started to think and feel about themselves and the changes that gave to their lives!


My clients were committed to getting their results and invested the time and money into themselves to make it happen.

They refused to make any more excuses.



"I have always been intimidated by the thought of going to gym. Deena ignited a passion in me I didn't even know I had! She showed me it was ok to lift weights as a woman, there's no such thing as being too muscular and there is no need to be afraid. Deena's encouragement and passion has fueled my own passion for not just Weightlifting but for Crossfit too. Deena had a conversation with me and we both agreed that I needed 'Me time', more sleep and self care. The workouts were designed so I could pick between a short and effective one or a longer session. This helped to motivate me and made me realise I can fit a workout in and if I can't it's not the end of the world. Deena is a mother too and definitely understands the pressure a mother is under. I am proud of how strong I have become. She will not make you feel guilty for eating a take away, having a drink or skipping a workout. She understands that we are human and we are going to have days where we feel like we have failed. She will keep you motivated and help you realise that you are stronger than you think. 


"I went to Deena because I needed some guidance, support and accountability around weight loss. As soon as I met Deena I knew that she was the one to support me to start a much healthier and active life change. We set goals at the beginning of my 12 week plan, I went to 4 or 5 classes a week at Imperial Bodies and made choices around what I consumed. Weekly check-ins were important to go over my week to see if any adjustments were needed. I have exceeded the goal set and I know this was done because of Deena, her knowledge, encouragement and support has been pivotal in me breaking bad habits, staying consistent and taking control. Deena's passion in helping people reach their goals is clear for all to see.."


"I Started with Deena overweight and 40 years old new to the world of fitness and she made me feel at ease from the first minute. She talked to me to put together a plan and I've received motivation encouragement and advice every step of the way I've now exceeded those goals and we are working on my new one's, she's an incredible coach and I wouldn't trade her for anything, I strongly recommend Deena. From a much fitter healthier and happier 41 year old"


"Before beginning Deena's program I had either been working on same exercises and felt my goal was too far out of sight or pushed myself in exercises that left me with a next day exercise hang over. Her programming wakes up my exercise motivation its both attainable and motivating but also challenging. What I enjoy the most is holding me accountable, the app also tracks that with both tracking calories, exercise and portions. For the first time in 12 years I my mood and self worth isn't determined by the number on the scales and for the first time I'm beginning to believe my goals are achievable, i've not had programming like this before and its beginning to make me rethink my approach to strength training in a positive way "


"I've just finished Deena's 12 week Strong and Lean programme which I joined primarily for the PT training and weekly check ins. This group has given me some structure and accountability which was needed! Thanks to Deena's encouragement and advice, making better choices regarding food (whilst not banning any particular foods, just everything in moderation) and regular exercise (just a couple of times a week, nothing too outlandish) has given me results on the scales as well as inches lost. I got a lot out of this, so much so I'm carrying on for another 12 weeks! Thanks Deena, looking forward to seeing what the next 12 weeks bring"

Laura. R

"I began to wake up in the morning feeling old and go to bed feeling older! I decided I'd had enough! Deena made me feel welcome and asked me what I wanted to get out of joining a gym and PT, I told her I wanted stronger legs so I could keep walking up hills and skiing down them. I have got so much more! I am stronger and fitter both physically and mentally. Lifting weights makes me feel 20 years old again. The PT sessions were geared specifically for my needs, and at a pace to suit me. She taught me the skills I needed to be able to maintain my own strength and fitness, and gave me the confidence in myself to do it. She is an excellent coach who really wants you to succeed.."


"Deena is absolutely amazing!! She has completely transformed my body, so much support & is always on hand if you need any help. I used to hate exercise until I started with Deena. You are stuck with me now."

Laura. S